Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love Style, Fashion and Jewelry?

Become a Sara Blaine at Willow House Associate!

Have you ever wanted to try something new, but wasn't quite sure that you had the time or the money to start a business from your home? Maybe you want to earn some extra money and get some real jewelry but have a full  time job or are going to school and you just want to have a fun little side business that doesn't require much effort? Well, August 1st, Willow House began a new Associates Sales Program where you can start an eBoutique for NO COST & get paid to promote and sell Sara Blaine's private collection of Designer Jewelry at Willow House. Yes, it really is FREE! Plus they let you start earning money right away.

Sign up as an associate and you EARN 25% COMMISSION just for sharing our flash sales and beautiful jewelry through social media. That's parties, no shows, no order forms - just contact me to open your boutique for FREE, share the deals, then earn cash on all of your sales!

Yes, it is amazing and there is NO CATCH!

Message me, call me, text me, or email me so I can tell you more!  
Cell phone: 734-516-9977

And don't forget to ask me what I mean when I say: FREE, FREE, 50, 20, OPEN, SHARE, EARN!!!!

FREE sign up
FREE Online boutique
Earn 50% on Personal Sales...25% cash forever, 25% product for an Associates first 101 days.
Earn 20% on your personal recruited Associates...10% cash forever, 10% product during your personally sponsored Associates first 101 days

So it's this easy...….

CLICK a link on my website to OPEN your FREE online JEWELRY BOUTIQUE
simple sign up

1. Your website is immediately LIVE ... Start sharing your store with
    everyone you know, FB, Twitter, word of mouth
2. Start EARNING 25% off all sales, even what you order. 
3. SHARE this opportunity to all of your friends and earn 10% 

In the first 101 Grand Opening Days, you will earn an extra 25% of Free Jewelry on your sales and an extra 10% Free Jewelry on those you recruit.

 Open your online boutique and share your boutique with friends, family and acquaintances as well as the regular deals our company will be sending you. You can earn cash and product!
Ready??!! Change your life with Sara Blaine at Willow House.
Isn't FREE is a great word?

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