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My name is Pam Ansted Uller. I have been an Art Director and Graphic Designer for over 25 years. I worked for many years designing and winning awards in the Automotive Advertising and Marketing Industry in Metro Detroit, Michigan.  You could say that my life's passion is Design. Whether you realize it or not, Life is influenced by the different kinds of design in the world around us. If I hadn't become a graphic designer, I would have become a fashion designer. I've been creating style looks since I was 11 years old and I started sewing and designng my own clothes.

I left the corporate world a while ago and own my own Graphic Design Company - Ashford Design Studio. I design Corporate Identity as well as Art Direct and help small businesses with Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Web Site Development. I have also worked for over a decade in the field of direct marketing, representing Southern Living at Home which then evolved into Willow House. Both brands carried lifestyle designer brand home decor products. 

After a two year hiatus from direct sales, I am back in business as the first Michigan Style Representative for eSBe Designs. eSBe is a designer jewelry private label brand created by reknown American jewelry designer, Sara Blaine who's brand "Sara Blaine" is carried in many fine jewelry stores around the world. Sara's designs are incredible and truly beautiful handcrafted pieces of art. I have only been able to wear fine jewelry my whole life. My skin is very sensitive and reactions to the majority of jewelry out there that is classified as costume, even high end brands. Sara's jewelry is the first that I've been able to wear without any issues, as it is made with only the highest quality products.  I fell in love with them and decided to represent her brand eSBe and you will fall inlove with the jewelry too. Recently I was told by Ian the sales guy at the Apple Store, "You sound like an Entrepreneur!" and he's right- I am. You can be too! I'll give you some of my thoughts on this subject.

I love my life and look forward to sharing all kinds of Creative Design with you. I hope you will enjoy my Pretty Inspired Design Blog. Hopefully you will become inspired by reading my posts and realize that we all can create our own beauty with a few simple Style tips. I have had this blog for awhile, and it has evolved to what it is going to be now. I am also going to have some guest contributors, as there are a few really awesome savvy stylists around that have some great advice that i would love to share!

My posts will cover a variety of ideas focusing mainly on Personal Style. You see, there are many Personal Stylist blogs out there, but most of them are created by relatively young professionals who really haven't lived life to have the type of wisdom that that only comes with a little more time in life. Plus most of their style recommendations are very unrealistic as they are crazy expensive for the majority of American women. Don't get me wrong, I too would love to buy a fancy Fendi bag, but honestly who wants to spend more money than you have to or can afford. You really don't have to spend big bucks, to get great style and that's what we will be sharing, as well as the latest trends.

  I hope that you will share your thoughts and follow me on this fun interactive experience.

 Thanks for visiting, I hope that you come back soon! 
  I love comments, as I would love to get to know you.

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