Monday, July 11, 2016

Hello Monday and Hello "Pretty Inspired Design" Blog! 
It's been awhile since I came on here and posted as Life has been busy evolving the past few years, but now that things have settled down, I figured that this would be something great to post about and it would be better on a blog than as a regular Social media post. I want to share with you about the feelings that I've been hearing about that you can't teach an old dog new tricks...

Last week, I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I know I needed to do this, but it was scary to say the least. Being a "Techy" gal who creates things with her computer for a living, I knew that if I am going to recommend something to others, I need to try it, not just read and recommend. 

I'm talking about using Facebook LIVE to make a Live Video post, to share and teach others something that you want to, well, share or teach them, even inspire them! It's also a better way to share your small business, by showing and sharing over LIVE VIdeo.

First I did some research and found this awesome gal who teaches you alittle bit about the latest in social media. I do try to stay up on the latest tools out there, but I figured that you can always learn something new. So after taking her class and watching her videos, I followed her advice and I jumped head first into doing my first FB Live Video.

I came up with an idea, wrote a script, set up an area in my home to go LIVE on Facebook, practiced like the class I took said and actually went LIVE last night shared some "Summer Style InsiderTips" from my other business eSBe Design that I love. I figured there are some really young gals out there making a good living sharing things that I've known for years about fashion and style. You get wisdom from things over the years but that doesn't mean that it's not good information or not relevant.

Well, Even with Practice, the results were a bit rough, Rougher than I really wanted especially to go public! But it was LIVE so I give all the Live Shows on television major props as there is no editing on doing something instantaneously, not taping it ( although you do have that option to save the video to edit it later, unfortunately that option did not pop up on my phone screen after I was done taping live. ) 

It's all okay though - I lived through it, it was scary and exciting. I had no idea if anyone other than 3 lovely friends and my darling supportive husband, Brian who held my script for me so I could remember where I was and what I wanted to share actually saw it. I'm proud though as I really learned alot and faced my fears- I hate being in front of the camera, and feel much more comfortable behind it. Especially when I had crazy uncontrollable growing hair from the humidity in the air and a red face from either excitement or being anxious or hot, probably a little of both and I now know, I need to wear my make up a litle bit better when I'm going under "The Camera" so to speak. But I was real, I got to share my passion on design, style and some fabulous jewelry pieces. I'd hit the "That was Easy" button, because I conquered my fear and did it imperfect and all. Learned alot and will push that button the next time i do a Facebook LIVE Video.

Anyways I am sharing this, because over the past few weeks I've had some interesting conversations with a few people who are in roughly the same period in life. I highly encourage anyone to not be ready to settle in Life even if you are looking ahead to retirement to go find the Golden chair on your porch and grow old. I mean we do all grow old, that IS Life, but Life is also a journey and even if you are not a Spring Chicken and more like an Old Dog, you still have a LOT of Life left in you. That means that you can continue to grow and learn and be savvy at whatever you decide to do.

I'm specifically talking to my parents, I'm talking to my contemporaries and I'm talking to my children. So Get out there because:

You really are "Braver than you Believe, 
Stronger than you seem, and 
Smarter than you think."
Quote by A. Milne

By the way, I've definitely got to do some re-designing on this site so don't look around too much as I'm going to be busy learning and sprucing up on here.
Thanks for Reading and Have an awesome week!

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