Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday's Inspiration

This week just remember to tell yourself: 

Your Attitude is directly affected by your thoughts." Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life!" has been my mantra or affirmation for a few years now. I say it to my kids & Brian all the time whenever they seem to be having a moment of self doubt.

The older I get the more I really understand this. It also affects your outcome, if that makes sense.There are a lot of self help books & Tapes out there. Someone that really helped me was Dana Wilde the creator of The Mind Aware. She has a series of tapes/mp3 that are called "Train Your Brain" series that I bought. It is really a great series to listen to and learn from. What's nice is the beginning has quite a bit of information to absorb but she has broken it up into less than 20 minutes each lesson. I've had the series for almost 2 years now it took me a while to get through but you really can train your brain. Saying a simple thing such as " It's going to be a Great Day!"

To check out more on Dana Wilde Go to .

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